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Welcome to BestFloridaVacationSpots.com!

I fell in love with Florida the first time I visited it back in 1997.  It was definitely a case of love at first site.    I was in awe of the beautiful white sandy beaches, the swaying palm trees, the bustling nature of the Everglades…I could go on and on.   I quickly decided that this is where I had to live.  I picked up everything and moved to Florida and I could not be happier.  The environment in Florida makes you feel like you are always on vacation, which is certainly not a bad way to spend your life.   I absolutely love to travel, and living here has given me the opportunity to really see and truly experience all of the best Florida vacation spots.    I hope to share all of my experiences with you and hope to inspire you to come see some of these incredible Florida vacation spots yourself.  The mission of Best Florida Vacation Spots is to introduce you to all of the beauty, wonder and adventure that Florida has to offer. Whether you are a native Floridian just looking for a good day trip, or someone from far away planning a vacation to visit Florida,  BestFloridaVacationSpots.com will provide you with all of the information you need to plan your perfect trip.

Happy vacationing!